Shelter by hacking laymen

Shelter Group India

Shelter group india is a architecture company they have  multiple branches all over india they wanted to show case there work on there website but did not wanted a lot of bloatware on the page so we helped them to make and used such design that helped them get attaintion to there designs straight from the home page with minimal experience

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The shelter group was having constant web attacks  and there website was not responsive they did not had any dynamic contact area and seo we made sure that shelter get organic traffic with its content heavy with images web design team worked on provideing best user experience 


We came up with a web design that portrays there awesome looking portfolio within the first few seconds of someone opening the website and we did search engine optimization for there website for long tail keywords plus our team worked on making their user experience better with serving as many images possible without losing the quality or quantity 

at the end this what shelter looked like